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Azzopardi cares what’s on voters’ minds

by Dayna McClure, Polson
| October 27, 2022 12:00 AM

There could not be a bigger difference between the Democrat and Republican candidates running for Montana House District 93. Shirley Azzopardi has shown that she cares what is on the minds of voters in her district.

Shirley has personally knocked over 1,000 doors since May. She is currently knocking on doors five nights a week. Her commitment and hard work to connect with voters in her district has shown that she is willing to work for her constituents and Montana. Shirley has not just been knocking select voters’ doors, but all doors, Republican, Democrat and Independents.

Whereas her Republican opponent, Joe Read, doesn’t seem to feel he has to work to connect with his voters. Has anyone seen Joe out knocking doors in his district? Does he really believe that a few signs and an “R” by his name are enough to get him back into office? Do voters really want to support a representative that voted for unconstitutional laws that ended up costing the tax payers of Montana millions of dollars to overturn?

Vote for Shirley Azzopardi – our Montana way of life depends on it.

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