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Write in Paul Guenzler for county commissioner

by Janette Rosman, Charlo
| October 27, 2022 12:00 AM

It’s important that you take the time to write Paul Guenzler’s name down on a piece of paper. He decided at the last minute to file for Lake County Commissioner and his name will not be on the ballot. You will have to write it in and remember to fill in the bubble beside his name under county commissioner.

Many of you know Paul Guenzler and how reliable, trustworthy and true to his word he is. Paul realized recently how important it is that the farmers, ranchers and different communities in Lake County need representation at the courthouse. He will be on your ballot when you put him there. Remember the spelling: Paul Guenzler.

Paul Guenzler has served our community as past president of Western Montana Stockman Assoc., Lake County Weed Board, Mission Valley FFA Alumni and presently as chairman of Flathead Irrigation District Board. He has raised his family in the Round Butte area on the same land his father and great grandfather raised their families on for over 100 years.

Only you and I can make a difference and elect him as Lake County Commissioner.

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