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Polson youth faces trial for weapon assault

by Jeff Smith/For the Leader
| December 7, 2023 12:00 AM

The plea agreement for a Polson youth accused of threatening four juveniles with a gun has been rejected and the case reset for trial.

Izayus Prewett, 17, entered a plea of guilty in Polson District Court Oct. 26 to felony assault with a weapon. Judge Deborah “Kim” Christopher set sentencing for Dec. 14 and ordered that Prewett be placed in a youth detention center in Missoula. However, it was determined that because Prewett was adjudicated in adult court, he could not be incarcerated in a youth detention center and the plea agreement was rejected.

According to court records, Prewett was with Nathan Videl Caye, 21, on Aug. 26, when Caye drove a white Chevy truck to an apartment complex on Polson’s Main Street. This was after the two had confronted the new boyfriend of Prewett’s ex-girlfriend at a rodeo event at the Polson Fairgrounds, which led to a physical altercation.

They went to the apartments at 509 Main Street where they hoped to re-engage in the fight with the new boyfriend, but he wasn’t there. Instead, they located four juveniles and brandished their firearms at them.

Caye allegedly fired one warning shot into the air. Prewett indicated that they eventually left.

The four juveniles indicated to a Polson police officer that Prewett was the one who fired the warning shot into the air. One of the juveniles indicated that Caye attempted to convince Prewett to shoot the ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and his friends.

Caye was previously convicted of assault with a weapon for an incident that occurred in front of the Polson VFW on Main Street Nov. 26, 2022. He is now facing charges of criminal endangerment, unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted person and assault with a weapon stemming from the Aug. 26 incident. 

His case is before Judge Molly Owen, who set a trial date of March 4. Caye remains incarcerated at the Lake County Jail with bond set at $125,000.

Judge Christopher set Prewett’s case for trial March 11. He remains at liberty.