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Polson Scholarship and Education Foundation awards $46,000

| May 18, 2023 12:00 AM

The Polson Scholarship and Education Foundation awarded 36 scholarships totaling $46,000 to Polson High School seniors and former Polson High School graduates who are currently attending accredited two-year, four-year, community college, university or vocational schools.

The following scholarships are set up through the PSEF with money donated by individuals in memory of loved ones, alumni classes, civic organizations and employees of School District 23 in the amount of $500. PSEF matches the $500 donation with $500 so each high school senior receives a $1,000 scholarship.

One exception is the Alumni Class of 1959, which provides a $1,000 scholarship; PSEF adds $500 for the student to receive a $1,500 scholarship. This year’s recipient is Isabella Paul.

High school seniors receiving $1,000 scholarships are: Trista Ricciardi, Montecahto Club Scholarship; Noah Roberts, the Chris Hoyt Memorial Scholarship; Clara Todd and Jelaysia Forman Webster, who each received the Jessie Clemans Memorial Scholarship; Madelynn Simpson, the J.V. Holman Memorial Scholarship; Rylie Dupuis, the Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship; Jarrett Wilson, the District 23 Employees Scholarship; Piper Hoxie, George Mahoney Memorial Scholarship; and Owen McElwee, the Travis Dolphin Memorial Scholarship. Two Theiler/Oberlitner Scholarships went to Trent Wilson and Coulter Wilson.

A scholarship in memory of Janis Jette, a former PHS English teacher, went to Scout Wenzel; and Hope Morrison received the Roger McClure Memorial Scholarship, in honor of the former PHS guidance counselor.

The Becky Anderson Friendship Memorial was given to Aspen McKee. The Polson Scholarship and Education Foundation sponsored three scholarships that went to Mila Hawk, Christopher Lake and Tia Mercer.

Grace Sievert was awarded $1,000 from the Emma Sager Women of Rollins Scholarship and $1,000 from PSEF.

The following $1,500 scholarships went to students currently enrolled in college or a vocational program: The Alumni Class of 1965 Scholarship, Josie Salois; Sue Gregg Lanier Scholarship, Samuel Fisher; Chris Hoyt Memorial Scholarship, Victor Perez Carrillo; Mildred and Hib Hanson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Violet Anderson; PSEF, Mikaela Ducharme; Trusler Family Vocational Scholarship, River Shoemake; Robert Depoe III Memorial Scholarship, Taleah Hernandez; L. G. Baertsch Memorial Scholarship, Heidi Bowman; Jessie Clemans Memorial Scholarship, Jazlyn Dalbey; Theiler/ Oberlitner Scholarship, Keith Erickson; Ken Avison Memorial Scholarship, Braunson Henricksen; Chris and Odin Strom Scholarship, Shaeley Brown; and the Dick Schultz Memorial Scholarship, Blaise Burland.

PSEF sponsored three additional scholarships through the Chadwick Memorial for the following college students: Nina Barfoot, Ashlee Howell and Ali Hupka.

College students were awarded $26,000 in scholarships, thanks to donations from sponsors for the Lake City Open Golf Tournament that is held in conjunction with Polson Bay Golf Course and PSEF and donations from individuals and organizations.

Polson Scholarship and Education Foundation is a local non-profit organization established in 2002 as Polson Dollars for Scholars. The purpose of the organization is to expand access to post-secondary educational opportunities for Polson High School graduates and assist parents and students with college expenses. Since its inception PSEF has provided PHS students with $473,000 worth of scholarships.

Tax-deductible donations, individuals leaving money in their wills, and fundraisers help finance scholarships, as well as individuals setting up a scholarship fund in memory of a loved one. All donations and monies raised go towards scholarships.

For more information on setting up a scholarship in memory of a loved one or joining the organization contact board member Chris Strom at Visit for more information.