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The Bread Basket needs holiday help

| October 5, 2023 12:00 AM

Everyone in the community is dealing with the higher cost of gas, groceries, rent, services, etc. and community members who struggle with food insecurity are often hit the hardest by these increased costs.

This struggle occurs for a variety of reasons including loss of employment, illness, income below the poverty level, and more. Many of our elders are forced to make a choice between food and essential medications while living on a fixed income. Families caught in unexpected circumstances find it difficult to feed their children.

The number of families served by the Bread Basket has been increasing monthly over the course of 2023. The need is always magnified at the holidays.

The Bread Basket Board is forever grateful to individual and business donors who over the years have sponsored food drives, generously shared the bounty of gardens, farms and businesses and/or have supported the food bank financially.

Currently the need is greater than ever. So we are reaching out to individuals and organizations in our area who might consider a monetary donation. Commitment to a monthly donation, no matter the size, would be a gift that is multiplied many times over.

Please consider giving to the Ronan Bread Basket and spread the word about this need to your family and friends. Thank you so much for giving this worthwhile endeavor your attention!

Leah Emerson Chairman, Bread Basket Board of Directors, Ronan