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Logan Health offers aquatic rehab in Polson

| October 12, 2023 12:00 AM

Logan Health Rehabilitation has begun offering aquatic therapy at Mission Valley Aquatic Center in Polson.

Patients who are interested will be evaluated to see if aquatic therapy would be beneficial

for their condition, and if approved, will be enrolled in one-on-one classes with a therapist. These 45-minute sessions will be offered twice a week at the center.

According to a press release, the new service will benefit patients who may need an alternative to traditional physical therapy, particularly one that reduces stress on the bones or joints, lowers fall risk, and helps with balance and coordination.

Kristina Bieber, a physical therapist assistant at Logan Health Rehabilitation, says the aquatic center is the only facility in the area offering aquatic therapy.

“The heated therapy pool is a great option for those suffering with severe pain or those limited by weight-bearing restriction,” she said. “We look forward to helping each patient reach their recovery goals in this new setting.”

To schedule an appointment, call Logan Health Rehabilitation at 406-883-7450.