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Senator Tester fights for veterans

| October 19, 2023 12:00 AM

Senator Tester fights for Montana's veterans

On Sept. 29, Ronan celebrated the 75th Anniversary of SGT Laverne Parrish Memorial Field. I'm so proud of the Chiefs' hard-fought win over Browning. They displayed incredible grit and tenacity in a fitting tribute to Medal of Honor recipient Laverne Parrish, their school and community.

As an Army Medic fighting to liberate the Philippines, Sergeant Parrish became one of just five Montanans and 473 U.S. servicemen to receive our nation’s highest military honor during WWII. The bravery of the "Montana Medic" exemplified the sacrifice countless others have made for our country.

I’m proud the 1974 State Champion team was able to honor Laverne with commemorative stones. The Congressional Record Citation, written by Jon Tester, not only lauded a great American but recognized the Ronan community.

The Mission Valley and Northwestern Montana have a rich military heritage of selflessness and bravery that should be celebrated. I am thankful for Senator Tester's effort in support of our event.

My brothers and son are career military. During my 28 years in the Air Force and work with the VFW, I have seen firsthand the physical and mental toll military service takes on individuals and family. I am so grateful for the work Senator Tester does for the veterans of Montana and our nation.

I am confident he will continue to fight for Montana’s veterans insuring they receive the benefits and honor deserved.

– Patrick M. Meagher, Colonel, USAF (Retired) Columbia Falls and Galveston, Texas