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Marriages & Divorces

| September 7, 2023 12:00 AM

The following marriages and divorces were recently recorded at the Lake County Courthouse:

MARRIAGES: Andrea Brown and Danell Thingelstad, July 8; Andrew Wheeler and Jackie Smith, July 15; Kyle Bagnell and Makenzie Thuringer, July 22; Carly Hosford-Israel and Cameron Martell, July 22; Howard Long and Erika Sandoval, July 29; John Maughan and Nicole Evangeline, Aug. 3; Debra Burchinal and Wesley Winslette, Aug. 4; Kristin Dolezal and Nathaniel Fennen, Aug. 5; Kayla Forman and Xavier Harris, Aug. 5; Cameron Reese and Tatyana Schenderline, Aug. 5; Caleb Flora and Aurora Doll, Aug. 8; Wanda Wetzel and Peter Halpin, Aug. 9; Alfred Prevost and Leslie Johnston, Aug. 12; Kendric Hale and Gabrielle Mitchell, Aug. 12; Thomas Lemire and Katherine Bossler, Aug. 16; Briana Looney and Travis Page, Aug. 17; Amy Kloppenburg and Charles Hatfield, Aug. 18; Aaliyah Cunnington and Marty Wallace Sr., Aug. 24; Amy Mund and Matthew Hanson, Aug. 26; and Destiny Baker and Brandon Parker, Aug. 26.

DIVORCES: James Krell and Stephanie Childers, both of Polson, Aug. 2; Barret Sargent and MacKenzie Sargent (Savage restored), both of St. Ignatius, Aug. 3; Nicholas Wirtz and Katie Wirtz (Campbell restored), both of Ronan, Aug. 17; Adam Hertz of Plains and Melissa Hertz (Stover restored) of Ronan, Aug. 23; Terrill Thomas and Amy Thomas (Henson restored), both of Dayton, Aug. 30.