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Time Capsule: From the weekly archives

Reporter | February 1, 2024 12:00 AM

The Ronan Pioneer, Jan. 17, 1974

1973 weather is summarized

The total yearly precipitation was 11.90 inches, which is 3.72 inches below the 65-year mean. Snowfall was 39.0 inches.

The yearly mean temperature was 46.7 degrees which is 1.3 degrees above the 65-year mean. 

The maximum temperature  for the year was 102 degrees and the minimum temperature for the year was minus 20 degrees.

Equalization payments made to county schools

Glennadene Ferrell, Lake County Superintendent of Schools, announced last week the distribution of $653,492.54 in county equalization funds to the schools of Lake County. 

This accounted for payments of $253,015.25 to the high school districts, and the elementary schools received $400,477.29

Guest Editorial

We hear much about retirement these days, for most it may be a forced circumstance, for others it is a welcome relief, for a very few it is a planned goal, a measure of good fortune and success.

We owe much to these people, our parents, friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans. I wish it were possible to glean all the information and successes from all of these people and place them in a memory bank that could be tapped for answers to our daily problems.

Now if we are to succeed in anything worthwhile we cannot continually remind ourselves of failures or look back to them, but we should be looking forward. If we are prone to find fault with ourselves and others, let us examine our thinking and see what our motives are. We must continually strive for the betterment of all people. 

I for one am an advocate of a “Retirement Home” in this community that we could all be proud of!

– Norman E. Stedje, Mayor of Ronan