Sunday, April 14, 2024

Is Trump too young?

| February 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Is Biden too old? Try asking this: "Is Trump too young?" Daily, Trump demonstrates that he has not developed the maturity to have impulse control, empathy, concern for the welfare of others, ability to analyze evidence ... and more. He misbehaves much like a selfish 5-year-old.

As a growing person experiences obstacles, rewards and slap downs, a healthy human develops modifications away from self-centeredness. The evolving brain plasticity melds new goals and emerging stages of life with more effective tactics. Broader social structures (new stakeholders, new rules and loyalties) require delayed gratification, understanding and cooperation.

For larger societies to function well, these personal modifications allow the experience of life (survival and social living) to be successful for wider ranges of our Earths' companions (other humans, plants, animals ... perhaps even the Earth itself).

Individual humans pick their unique goals, and the bargaining for attention and resources commences. "Give-and-take" is political currency. It becomes a glue which holds a social structure (with its inherent internal diversity) together.

A leader must have the maturity to see beyond his/her immediate cravings. Trump appears not to have grown to this level. He seems mentally too young to run his own life effectively ... and certainly not as a leader of a nation.

Gene Johnson