Thursday, April 18, 2024

Replace Biden dictatorship

| February 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Currently our democracy is lost unless we stand up against the tyranny of the Biden administration and the progressive Left. The dictatorial Left under the Biden administration has removed many of our freedoms and is attacking others.

We hear day to day from the Left how if President Trump wins the election for 2024 the democracy will be lost because he will be dictator. I say we have already lost our democracy because of the dictatorial rule of the Biden administration.

Under Biden we have lost our right to free speech. His administration has pressed Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to censor any speech they felt threatened by: such as the origins of Covid, Hunter Biden’s lap top, manmade climate change myth, stolen election and many others.  Also, the government has asked banks to search private transactions for terms such as Trump or MAGA and has used banks to close accounts whose owners are at odds with government narratives.

He has labeled concerned parents as terrorists who attend school board meetings to protest radical agendas that push to brainwash our children to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Tran genderism.

His corrupt DOJ is trying to silence his political rivals by making up crimes where crimes do not exist, such as the outrageous ruling from Judge Engoron who has no expertise on real estate evaluations. The Biden DOJ goes after honest people and lets violent criminal back on the streets. Seventy- and eighty-year-old grandmas are facing possible 10 years in jail for praying in front of abortion clinics.

Biden and the Left ignores the Supreme Court rulings when it does not meet their agenda, such student loans forgiveness, abortion, energy permits, and many others.

Biden crime family has enriched themselves to an estimated 25 million dollars from China. Then we wonder why Biden favors China over US citizens.

The current Biden dictatorship must be replaced in order for democracy to be reestablished. You must vote for candidates who support the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, who will look after America first instead of America last.

Lonnie D. Haack