Thursday, April 18, 2024

In appreciation of strong women

| March 14, 2024 12:00 AM

“It's the mark of a backward society … when decisions are made for women by men.” (Melinda Gates)

March is Women's History Month. There is much to celebrate. I am honoring Jeannette Rankin for her votes for peace; RBG for her dedication to progressive principles; Rosa Parks for her fight against racism; Mother Teresa for her empathic care of the poor; Annie Sullivan for her teaching of a disabled girl; Helen Keller for her courage and nursing contributions; Diana Nyad for her strength and determination; the young women in Held v. Montana for their fight for climate justice; Greta Thunberg for her youthful grit in that fight; Nellie Bly for her investigative journalism and courageous 72-day trip around the world (in 1889!); all the brave Suffragettes for women's voting rights; Marie Curie for her Nobel Prize (2!) winning work in science; and Rosalind Franklin for her brilliant discovery of the structure of DNA. The list goes on and on.

Why then, with this wealth of intelligence, courage and dedication in women's history, do some lawmakers seek to strip women of their reproductive rights? Aren't women's rights human rights? Shouldn't a woman be free to decide how many children she has (or doesn't)? Do politicians belong in doctors' offices? What about rape, incest and a mother's life?  

Do men want to be denied legal access to vasectomy? Isn't family planning important? Isn't overpopulation a looming crisis? Aren't natural resources limited and precious?

According to Pew Research Center, 61% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Roe v. Wade was the law of the land for 50 years. Pay equity, family leave and sexual harassment are still major issues.  

Please consider voting for Democratic candidates who support women's rights and freedoms. Strong women are not going away. And they definitely are not going backwards.

Nancy Teggeman