Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Thank you to a kind stranger

| March 14, 2024 12:00 AM

I wanted to write a brief "Thank You" to the stranger (or unknown friend) who paid for some groceries for me about four weeks ago at Harvest Foods.

I had gotten to the checkout line and asked the check-out clerk if I could merely set my items on the very end of the counter while I ran to get an item I had forgotten. I promised to be speedy as I knew where said item was so he agreed and I was off to get my forgotten item.

Upon my return my groceries were gone so I inquired from the clerk where they had gone and he explained to me that someone had paid for them for me. I asked him to thank whomever did this kindly deed and he said he would.

Ironically, as I approached the counter to pay for my last item I realized I had forgotten my wallet which would have been needed to purchase the items that were purchased by this stranger. I figured that I would now need to put my last item back when I reached into my pocket one more time and found almost the exact amount of cash to pay for the last item.

So, thank you stranger, whomever you are. You can never go wrong by doing a kindly deed to or for another.

I will remember and try my best to pay it forward.

Charleen Crenshaw