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Several stand out at Mission Valley All-Star Game

by Brandon Hansen / For The Leader
| March 21, 2024 12:00 AM

The stars were out at the Ronan Events Center on Tuesday, March 12.

It was time for the Mission Valley All-Star and local standouts from across the valley to take part in one final hoops showcase before spring sports started.

In the girls' all-star game, the "Light" team defeated the "Dark" team 58-47. Mission's Cora Matt led the light-colored jerseys, scoring 16 points and 17 boards for a double-double. Hot Springs' Kara Christensen had 11 points, and Charlo's Darcy Coleman had nine points.

For the team wearing the dark jerseys, Polson's Julia Barnard led scorers with 16, while Mission's Izzy Evans had eight, as did Polson's Samantha Rensvold. Evans also had five steals and turned those into transition points.

In the boy's all-star game, the "Dark" team downed the "Light team" 92-72 in a matchup that saw the team in the darker jerseys pull away in the second half.

Arlee's Ben Old Person-Harlow scored 29 points for the dark team, which means he has scored at least 20 points in 20 games this season. Ronan's Kolby Finley also added 10 to the total.

Mission's Landon Walks Over Ice led the light jersey squad, scoring 14 points. Malacye Piapot of Two Eagle River scored 12 points in the matchup as did Polson's Anthony Lichtenberg.

The All-Star event also featured a three-point shooting contest. Plains' Katelyn Subatch won the event for the girls with 14 points, while Polson's Julia Barnard was just behind her with 11 points, and Mission's Kason Page had 10.

The boys' three-point shooting contest saw Ben Old Person-Harlow of Arlee defend last season's title with 19 points, while Ronan's Kolby Finley scored 15.

Commemorative plaques were awarded to the winners of the shootouts, along with an MVP award for standout performances from each team in both contests. The Girl MVPs were Barnard of Polson and Matt of Mission, while the Boy MVPs were Old Person-Harlow of Mission and Piapot of Two Eagle River.

27th Annual Mission Valley All-Star Game

Girls: Light 58, Dark 47

Dark 18 29 – 47

Light 27 31 – 58

DARK STATS - Julia Barnard 5 2-4 16(1r,2a,2s), Izzy Evans 4 0-1 8(2r,1a,5s), Sam Rensvold 8(2r,1a,1s), Arianna Zepeda 2 0-2 4(2r,4a), Ellannah FlatLip 1 1-2 3(5r), Lauryn Aldridge 3(1r,1a), Sheadon Kain 2(4r,1a,1s), Seeley McDonald 2(2r), Katelyn Subatch 1(4r,1a), Myranda Trahan 0 0-2 0(2r,1a,1s). 18 4-13 47()

LIGHT STATS – Cora Matt 16(17r,2a,1s), Kara Christensen 4 3-3 11(2r,1a,1s), Darcy Coleman 3 3-7 9(6r,2a,2s,1b), Lauryn Buhr 6(6r), Dayani Piapot 6(2r,1s), Kason Page 4(4r,2a,2s), Maddy Illig 3(2a), Leah Mesteth 1 0-2 3(6r,1a,1s), Shonlea Matt 0(2r,3a,1s).

3FGs – D7 (Barnard 4, Rensvold 2, Aldridge), L4 (C.Matt 2, Illig, Mesteth).

Boys: Dark 92, Light 72

Dark 39 53 – 92

Light 33 39 – 72

DARK STATS – Ben OldPerson-Harlow 29(4r,2s), Kolby Finley 3 2-3 10(4r,3a), Josiah Misa 8(5r,2a), Lex LaFrombois 8(1r,1a,2s), Ezra FastHorse 7(3r), Darren Standeford 6(2r,1s), Talon Addison 6(3r), Jabez Madplume 6(5r,2a), Jake Knoll 4(4r,1a), Wyatt Johnson 1 1-2 3(3r,2a), Hayden Hollow 1 0-1 2(3r,1a), Cole Knopik 2(4r,1a).

LIGHT STATS – Landon WalksOverIce 6 0-1 14(3r,1a), Anthony Lichtenberg 5 0-1 12(1r,1s), Jack Jensen 12(7r,1a,1s), Malacye Piapot 5 0-1 12(6r,2a,2s), Ted Coffman 9(1r,1a), Wes Anderson 7(6r), Anaya Loberg 1 0-2 3(2r,1a), Pablo Hernandez 3(4r,1a), Quincy Styles-DePoe (5r,1a,1s), Nick McAlister 0(7r).

3FGs – D16 (B.OPH 7, LaFrombois 2, Finley 2, Addison 2, Standeford 2, FastHorse), L12 (Piapot 2, Lichtenberg 2, Jensen 2, L.WOI 2, Coffman, Hernandez, Loberg, Anderson).

Les Rice Memorial 3-Point Shootout

GIRLS: Katelyn Subatch 14, Izzy Evans 12, Julia Barnard 11, Kason Page 10, Lauryn Aldridge 10, Sam Rensvold 9, Cora Matt 8, Sheadon Kain 8, Kara Christensen 6, Leah Mesteth 6, Maddie Illig 5, Myranda Trahan 5, Lauryn Buhr, Darcy Coleman 5, Shonlea Matt 3, Seeley McDonald 3.

BOYS: Ben OldPerson-Harlow 19, Kolby Finley 15, Talon Addison 13, Ezra FastHorse 10, Pablo Hernandez 10, Darren Standeford 10, Wyatt Johnson 9, Josiah Misa 9, Malacye Piapot 9, Quincy Styles-DePoe 9, Cole Knopik 8, Jabez Madplume 7, Landon WalksOverIce 7, Anthony Lichtenberg 6, Wes Anderson 5, Lex LaFrombois 5, Jake Knoll 5, Hayden Hollow 4, Anaya Loberg 4, Nick McAllister 4.

derived from announcer and independent coverage (regulation ball = 1, colored bonus ball = 2)