Saturday, June 15, 2024

“Little Women” graces Polson High School stage

Reporter | May 16, 2024 12:00 AM

Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March took possession of the stage at Polson High School on Friday night and Sunday afternoon in a play presented by the PHS Theatre Program.

With hoop skirts making them glide across the floor, the March girls starred in the play “Little Women,” an adaptation by Scott Davidson of the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

Set from 1863-1868, the play selects snippets of the March family’s life. 

Their father, played by Seth Stanley, is in the army and he has lost most of the family’s money. Aunt March, his arrogant, selfish and impossible sister, portrayed by Annalyse Lozar in a role that must be great fun, makes sure no one ever forgets she has lots of cash and isn’t afraid to disinherit a person.

Amelia Stene does a tremendous job portraying Josephine (Jo) March. A boisterous tomboy who’s accomplished at “sword fights” with coal shovels, Jo is also a budding author and is always “scribbling.” 

None of the March girls are too interested in scheming and plotting to “catch” a rich husband. Ashlin Peters’ Meg, the oldest sister, has caught the eye of the neighbor’s tutor, and Aunt March disapproves. 

Marmee, the girls’ mother, who is played by Alex Haynes, holds the poor but loving family together and brings out the best in everybody. 

Quiet Beth, lovely in pale pink, is thoughtful, unselfish and  played by Dixie Montgomery.

Amy, the youngest sister is (dare I say it?) a brat, stomping her foot, flouncing about, thinking mainly of herself. A fun role for Brianna Lapierre. Amy grows up and gets the good guy.

Hanna is the March family’s friend and housekeeper. Played by Inara Nico, she glides around the stage, annoys Aunt March, and helps keep the family fed and happy. 

Dominic Venters is one of three males in the play; he plays the dish neighbor Laurie Lawrence. He’s usually accompanied by his tutor, Mr. Brooke, a role taken on by Wica-ta-wi Brown. 

Mrs. Gardner, played by Chloe Bowen, provides snarky social narrative for the times. Usually accompanied by Sallie Gardner (Ella Burke), Annie Moffet (Madison Childers-Zilz), and Belle Moffat (Juliet Boen), Mrs. Gardiner is teaching the young women to be judgmental and condescending. 

You’ll have to read the novel to find out what happens, but it’s a good old-fashioned story. 

Sarah Larkin, director of the Polson High School Theatre Program, deserves an armful of peonies and a million bucks  for her work directing “Little Women.”

Other behind-the-scenes-but-oh-so-important folks are assistant director and stage manager, Amy Thoft; set designers Aaron Johnson and Paul Venters; lighting design , sound design, and sound engineer, Sabra Nichols: sound design and sound engineer, Max Allyn; and costumes, Beyond Costumes, Yonkers, NY. 

    Amy March, with crown. lives in a castle held by Meg March and is about to be rescued by Rodrigo (Jo March). (Berl Tiskus/Leader)
    Mr. Brooks proposes marriage to Meg March in the Polson High School Theatre Department's production of "Little Women." (Berl Tiskus/Leader)
    Aunt March, left, Hannah, Mr. Brooks, Laurie Lawrence and Marmee watch as Jo March unwraps her first novel. They are all actors in the Polson High School Theatre department's production of "Little Women." (Berl Tiskus/Leader)
    Jo March and Laurie Lawrence make a pact to always be friends.((Berl Tiskus/Leader)