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Letter: Thank you, from Polson Loaves & Fish Pantry

Dec. 31 Letter to the Editor

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Letters: Resort tax not the answer

Letters to the Editor Oct. 1

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Letters: Ignore smears, vote Bullock

John Youngberg, MT Farm Bureau; Deb Chapman, Arlee; Carolyn Beecher, Ronan; Joe Arnold, Polson

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Letters: Thanks to People's Center fire responders

CT Camel, Pablo; Kathryn L. Johnson, Polson; Wayne Schile, Polson; EB Strain, Ronan; Caryl Cox, Polson; Steve York, Polson

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Resort tax a slippery slope for Polson

Here we go once again. To the residents of Polson I say "Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.”

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Public money funding religious agenda

The Republican religious oligarchs would lead us to believe that God is on their side.

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Grant award appreciated

On behalf of the teachers and families of special-needs preschoolers here in Polson, a big “thank you!" to the Greater Polson Community Foundation for its recent grant.

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Browning is best for District 12

Gerry Browning is running for the office of Representative of House District 12 in the upcoming election.

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Support Morigeau for auditor

The Montana state auditor performs two critical jobs — protecting all Montanans from insurance and investment scams, and holding a seat on the land board that makes critical decisions on the state’s public lands.

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Letters to the editor Aug. 27

Letters to the Editor Aug. 27

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Writer supports Trump re-election bid

Factories home and humming, U. S. borders secure,

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Support for Browning for state House

I am encouraged to see Gerry Browning running for the state legislature to represent Polson and Lake County. It will be refreshing to have an honest hard-working citizen without an agenda of political issues work...

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Water Policy Interim Committee supports Montana water rights compact

The Water Policy Interim Committee (WPIC) urges the Senate Indian Affairs Committee to pass S.3019 (Montana Water Rights Protection Act) at its earliest convenience.

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Water compact being conducted in secrecy

Amid all the controversy surrounding Senator Steve Daine’s “Montana Water Right Protection Act,” two facts have become abundantly clear: There will be no disclosure to taxpayers and the public as to the how the $...

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Bullock will protect health care coverage

As research is gathered about Covid-19 pandemic, a sobering finding is that many people who get the disease will have health problems long after they have recovered from the infection.

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Governor candidate Mike Cooney vows to protect public lands

I’ve spent my career fighting for our public lands, and I have a track record of delivering results for Montanans. Growing up in Montana shaped who I am and the values I carry with me. Like many Montanans, I know...