Saturday, August 13, 2022


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Updated 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Deep Dive into FLBS: Eroding Time at Flathead Lake

I’ve heard it said that age is just a number. Well, let me tell you something: Mine sure is doing a number on me.

Updated 5 months, 1 week ago
Public Law 280 funding obligation falls to state

It’s past time the state upholds its obligation to Lake County residents.

Updated 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Guest column: Highway rebuild should start with Post Creek

The Post Creek section causes most of the traffic congestion in the Ronan area and is the most unsafe and dangerous section of the highway.

Updated 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Guest editorial: Lake County is at a breaking point

It is time that the state stop kicking the can down the road and fulfill its obligation regarding Public Law 280.

Updated 6 months ago
Guest column: Rights and freedoms protected during the 2021 session

Montana Republicans protected your rights, liberties and freedoms during the 2021 legislative session.

Updated 6 months, 3 weeks ago
Guest column: Mr. Smith and the Senate filibuster

The time honored Senate free speech rule has been distorted into a gag rule.

Updated 6 months, 3 weeks ago
Guest column: Vaccinate and stay vigilant

Together, we can put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror in 2022.

Updated 6 months, 3 weeks ago
Guest column: No Surprises Act protects Montana families against unexpected medical bills

A new federal law that AARP advocated for is now in effect.

Updated 8 months, 2 weeks ago
Guest column: Vaccination is crucial to keeping kids healthy

Vaccination gives your body a head start, while avoiding all the risks and complications associated with getting infected.

Updated 9 months, 3 weeks ago
Guest column: Montana’s children deserve an equitable economic recovery

Childhood is a critical window for development, setting the trajectory of health for the rest of one’s life.

Updated 10 months, 1 week ago
Guest column: Democrats’ budget a burden for all

A fundamental problem with the president’s argument is that corporate taxes ultimately get passed on to workers and their families, which make up the core of...

Updated 11 months ago
Guest column: ‘Grow your own' investments address teacher shortages

All students, including those in the most remote parts of our state, deserve a good education.

Updated 11 months, 4 weeks ago
Guest column: The social cost of personal liberty

why are nearly 90 million Americans turning down the shots and thereby risking the salvation of all of us?

Updated 1 year ago
Guest column: Shoulder seasons not meant for public lands

In Montana private land elk hunting is moving toward 11 weeks for people who can pay thousands of dollars for trophy bulls.

Updated 1 year ago
Guest column: The Last Best (Smoky) Place

Montanans used to joke that we had two distinct seasons: winter and road construction.

Updated 1 year ago
Guest column: Montana voter laws empower voting

Montana voter laws do not suppress voting but guarantee that every vote cast in a Montana election will count.